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Forming a strategic marketing partnership with other firms in the space can have tremendous benefits for a startup. Partners can help you get to market faster, gain market and mindshare, and improve your credibility and visibility.


How we can help:
We start with a thorough review of your current situation and goals, then we research and map out the most important and beneficial target partner opportunities. We craft a compelling Business Case and Pitch Deck, and then through diligent calling and networking, we execute on the pipeline and secure meetings with key decision makers. We provide leadership and support throughout the process-- from initial outreach, to screening and negotiation, to contract drafting.


Consider us your high-octane outsourced business development team.

Who Needs It
» Startup companies who want to build relationships with influential brands.
» Established companies looking to add new products to their marketing mix.
» Established companies seeking a 'brand boost' from relationships with early stage growth firms.

» Provides credibility and increases your market reach
» Leverages your existing sales efforts with additional firepower for this critial activity
» Increases your capacity for growth and market expansion.

Contact us
today to learn how we can help. We look forward to working with you.

Licensing & Distribution Deals
Licensing existing technologies can help you build build better products and avoid recreating the wheel. Similarly, creating content network, syndication, and distribution deals can help you gain market share faster. Learn more
New Market Development
Entering new markets and channels is never easy, but we can boost your reach immensely with our expansion planning strategies.
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