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In and out-licensing of technology and content can provide benefits for both partners. Your firm needs preferential pricing on key product inputs, and their firm wants to enter new market arenas. Or, you have fresh and innovative content, and they have an established user base. Regardless of the case, licensing and distribution deals must be a 'win' for both parties or they do not succeed.


We can help you secure and structure such a 'win'.


How we can help:

We start by thoroughly assessing what your target partner wants-- "what's in it for them." This involves a deep dive into their business model, current situation and future goals. With this level of understanding in place, we then match up your offerings to fit, and carefully craft the "ask".


Next, we map out a realistic, working roadmap-- with tangible goals and timelines-- for implementation. This is supported by milestones and key metrics to measure success and keep the deal on track.


Who Needs It:
» Startup companies that would benefit by favorable sourcing deals with larger entities
» Established companies looking to add fresh talent, technology, or content
» All companies seeking to lease, license or acquire key assets for their product lines.


» Provides insight into your target partner's "pain," needs and desires
» Lays out mutually beneficial, win/win deal structures for both parties
» Provides a pragmatic, logical gameplan--supported by metrics-- for execution.


Contact us today to learn how we can help. We look forward to working with you.

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