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Entering new markets and new channels is never easy. It takes research, planning, strategy, and hustle. It requires a roadmap that guides your company and keeps it laser-focused.


How we can help:

Working collaboratively with your team, we help you develop a Strategic Marketing Plan that includes:


» Extensive research on the competitive landscape and market opportunity, size, growth and trends.

» Customer segmentation and analysis (understanding the needs and wants of target buyers is critical)

» Creation of key value propositions and assistance with branding and positioning.

» Development of appropriate marketing strategies-- PR, advertising, SEO/SEM, social networking,
    viral tactics, etc.-- all designed to reach customers in a capital-efficient manner.


In addition to the written, guiding document, our Strategic Marketing Plans often include:

» Toolkits and analytical frameworks such as Marketing Mix Matrix (product, price, place, & promotion),
    a SWOT analysis, and various customer & market validation programs.

» A financial model and budget showing forecasted expenses and expected returns.

» A PowerPoint slide deck used to present the idea and gain management or board buy-in. .


Who Needs It:
» Startup companies who are moving beyond beta sales and seeking to grow rapidly.
» Established companies looking to enter new markets or new channels of distribution.
» Established companies seeking to extend and improve their marketing-focused business models.


» Provides deep insight into the market and competitive environment.
» Focuses the company on the most appropriate and attractive opportunities.
» Lays out an efficient game-plan for reaching and securing customers in a cost-effective manner.


Contact us today to learn how we can help. We look forward to working with you.

Strategic Partnerships
Forming strategic partnerships with other firms in the space can have tremendous benefits for a startup. Partners bring credibility, and can help you market, sell
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Licensing & Distribution Deals
Licensing existing technologies can help you build build better products and avoid recreating the wheel. Similarly, creating content network, syndication, and distribution deals can help you gain market share faster. Learn more
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